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Palette House starting at 5,000PHP

Yolanda survivors can make Palette houses that are more affordable and BIGGER than Bunk Houses

A designer in the States created the Pallet house project because they were inspired by one simple, but unbelievable fact :  84% of the world's refugees could be housed with a year's supply of recycled pallets, Just based off of a year and a half of pallet production in the US alone 33 MILLION refugees could live in a Palette house.

That's a lot of housing for a LOT of people in need of houses, ESPECIALLY in the Philippines. Plus their designs are so brilliant that you don't need to be a master builder to build one, its cheap and could be finished in ONE day.


These are example of Palletes left after some time of usage and are thrown away.


With these palettes one can construct a simple, standard house like this : 


The palette houses also provides great flexibility in terms of configuration (Pwedeng baklasin at palakihin) and each family could build a house based on their needs and size. It is also well insulated (hindi mainit sa umaga at hindi masyadong malamig sa gabi) 


For $75 dollars (75 x 42.00 = 3,150PHP) you can already buy a kit for a palette house and how to build one. You don't need to be a profesional to be able to make on as they have followed the "IKEA" style of construction which is very simple to install.

Depending on the needs of the family, they can opt to make a basic size house for a family of 3 or make it larger to house a family of 6. Here is one example of a "Palette Mansion" to show the flexibility of the construction.


Its AMAZING what we can do with the "WASTE" around us. If only the government considers these option, the houses of the Yolanda survivors would be much CHEAPER, BIGGER and more Earth Friendly.


Don't you think this is a BETTER option for typhoon survivors? 

We don't need over priced bunk houses when we have a CHEAPER and more Flexible option.