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GSIS Loan Requirements and How to Avail in 2019


The Government Service Insurance System of the Philippines, otherwise known as GSIS, also has its own set of loans it renders its members and pensioners. Today, we talk about the existing requirements and ways a GSIS member and pensioner may be able to avail of these loans.

GSIS assists its members and pensioners in their financial needs by way of offering  three (03) types of loans that a qualified member or pensioner may avail of. They provide Consolidated, Policy and Emergency Loans, and these may be applied for via their e-Card through their GWAPS (GSIS Wireless Automated System) kiosks that are within GSIS branches, select government agencies and Robinsons Malls. Let's talk about each type of loan, their requirements and how to avail of the loan.


CONSOLIDATED LOAN or CONSO-LOAN is a combination of several different loans into one main loan. These are the Salary, Restructured Salary, Enhanced Salary, Emergency Assistance and Summer One-Month Salary Loans. A one-time automatic condonation for any penalties or surcharges incurred in these loans is given for those availing of the CONSO-LOAN for the first time.

This is also known as the ENHANCED CONSO-LOAN Plus Program. Members with paid premiums and at least a total of 15 years of service may get a 12-month loan, whereas 25 years in service may avail a 14-month loan. The previous limit on these credits was only 10 times their basic salary that has since been revised. Also in the revision, for members with 10 years and above of service get to enjoy the maximum payment term for 10 years, which was previously just 6 years.

Below is the computation per Maximum Premium Payments Required and corresponding Maximun Loan Amount based on their Basic Monthly Salary:


25 Years = 14-Month Loan

15 Years = 12-Month Loan

10 Years = 10-Month Loan

5 Years = 7-Month Loan

40 Months = 4-Month Loan

20 Months = 3-Month Loan

Who Are Qualified for Conso-Loan?

Permanent and Non-Permanent GSIS members with the following conditions:

• No pending administrative or criminal case;

• Not on LOA (Leave of Absence) without pay;

• With a net take-home pay not less than the specified maximum amount stipulated in the General Appropriations Act, less the monthly amortization due on the loan.

In addition, the computed loanable amount of a member should meet at least 15, 000 pesos; otherwise the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus will not be processed.

Included in the eligibility of the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Program are special members like prosecutors and members of the judiciary and constitutional commissions. They can apply for this loan and get a computation equal to 10 times their basic salary.


How and Where to apply for the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Program?


Qualified parties may apply at designated GWAPS kiosks. These are located in all the 57 branches of GSIS including extension offices, provincial capitols, city halls, some assigned municipal offices, government offices like the DepEd and some selected Robinsons Malls.


How is the Loan credited?

Upon confirmation of the loan via authorized officers from the designated agency, the loan amount is directly deposited into the member's GSIS e-Card or Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) card.

Any further inquiries about the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Program may be directed to GSIS by calling 8474747 or via emailing



GSIS' Life Insurance Policy provides loan availment via Policy Loan. The loan's interest rate is 8%. Members with GSIS Life Insurance Policy have the option to pay either via monthly amortization or it can be deducted via the members existing life insurance policy contract.


Who is Eligible for Policy Loan?

▪Member that are insured for at least one (01) year, with updated premium payments with active policies.


How can qualified insured members apply?

Qualified applicants with either the GSIS e-Card or UMID card can apply via GWAPS kiosks or they can download the form here:



GSIS members who are greatly affected by calamities are offered the EMERGENCY LOAN. This loan has an interest rate of 6% per year and is payable for three (03) years. This can also be renewed, and once renewed any outstanding balance is deducted from the amount of the new loan.


Here are the eligibilities and requirements for this loan:

▪Member MUST be a bona fide resident or employee of the government office in the declared calamity area;

▪MUST be on active duty and not on LOA (Leave of Absence) without pay;

▪NO arrearages in mandatory social insurance contributions payments;

▪NO loan default declared.

It is also a requirement that the area hit by calamity is duly declared under the state of calamity by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan/Panglungsod and/or the National Disaster Reduction Risk Management Council (NDRRMC).

Members who are qualified to apply for this loan and have either the GSIS e-Card or UMID card can apply via GWAPS kiosks or they can download the PDF file for the loan form by going to the link below:

Moreover, a list of the CURRENT AREAS eligible for Emergency Loan is on the link below: