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10 fun tips to save money

Change life, boost savings. Save now!

1 . Save money on Groceries

Shop with a list.This will enable you to stick on your budget.Choose the right store– there is a market that offers items at a cheaper price, you just need to look around. Stop buying prepared goods ! ready-made foods are more often expensive.Buy in bulk– do the math, you can pay less for rice, pasta etc. Use coupons and take advantage of Sales – Some items are at their lowest prices on holidays. Stock up and don’t miss this opportunity

2 . Save electricity and water

Turn-off all the appliances when not in use. Buy energy efficient stuffs. Wash clothes with cold water. Prevent one hour bath.

3 . Save on clothes

Fashion changes. You don’t need to buy new clothes every season. Learn how to mix and match. You can even swap clothes with your friends. it!

4 . Cut the habit

Change some things you do regularly such as drinking coffee or alcohol, pigging out in expensive restaurants, watching the latest movies, buying chocolates and chips. Stop paying for delivery. You can stay away from your comfort-zone and see the difference. Self-discipline is the key.

5. Forget your credit card

Lock up your credit card.Never use your card on automatic payment for electricity,water, telephone bills and groceries. Use cash on hand and not loan on your credit card.

6. Save on bank fees

Find banks with free montly statements and no keeping fees,no overdrawn fees and no minimum deposit amounts. You can compare bank accounts on websites like or so.

7. Open separate bank accounts

Open an account for your personal savings, another one for retirement and lastly for emergency use. It works!

8. Save your change

Keep the change and put it aside. If you do this eveytime you spend money, you’ll  have this nice savings in no time trust me.

9. Save on transportation

Don’t take your car all the time. You can take the train,jeepney,bus,tuktuk or any other transportation that is cheaper. Also, walking strengthens your heart and lungs. Burn your calories. Save and be healthy!

10.Set goals

Set yourself savings goals that are attainable.Create a timeframe, be motivated and make your dream a reality. Let’s say you want to buy 3 houses in different location. Why not? start saving for the downpayment or even the cash payment in full. This will take time but is achievable. You can start with having something you really need, like maybe laptop. Identify when you want to have it, start saving for it and for all you know you are on your way to achieve it.Do it now! Save!