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MyFinancialCoach + EntrepNegosyo

More Filipinos are becoming more conscious on their financial goals according to the recent study of Nielsen Global Survey of Saving and Investment Strategies. The survey shows that 83 percent of Filipinos expect an attainable financial goal this 2014. On the other hand, 53 percent are monitoring their investment to achieve their financial expectations. 
In order to support this goal, My Financial Coach created practical resources to make financial education and personal finance simpler for Filipinos. The company aims to be the helping hand of Filipinos striving everyday even those who are working abroad see here.
My Financial Coach offers personal assistance to upgrade their client’s financial knowledge and self empowerment. Its major objective is to give wider options and ideas on how to make financial investment grow wisely.
Meanwhile, there are also several groups and companies giving support in awakening Filipinos’ awareness to financial education. One of these is EntrepNegosyo which promotes entrepreneurship and business. As a member of Philippine Business Community for Filipino Entrepreneurs, it offers ideas and motivates clients on how to start a business. EntrepNegosyo imparts opportunities to individuals for them to participate in several entrepreneurial ventures. They also share knowledge on how to have a sustainable business. 
While this entrepreneurial group focuses on helping ordinary Juan dela Cruz to engage in a business, My Financial Coach on the other hand focuses on helping Filipinos to be more knowledgeable on when and where to put their hard-earned money. Considering the needs and long term financial goals of Filipinos is the primary litmus test of this finance guru.  My Financial Coach is a reliable partner in providing simplified education for your investment, plans for availing loan, financing, applying to mortgages, and buying real estate properties.
The company aims to educate by doing away with finance jargons and sticking to their motto, "Making Personal Finance SIMPLE". 
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