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FINANCE defined by the Public

We've roamed the streets of MAKATI to know how well hte public know how well the public know about their FINANCIAL Terms and the result where surprising.

FINANCE is known to be a complicated topic when asked to people. During my market reseach, I have asked people on the streets how they understood simple financial terms like LOANS, MORTGAGE, INVESTMENT, REFINANCING etc. some of the responds we got where surprising. Most people just kept quiet and was not really sure what to answer. 

Some of the common examples when asked what Finance is, was "money" but when you tell the definition in TAGALOG, they seem to think " ah, yun ba yon?!" 

This social experiment made us strengthen MyFinancialCoach more in educating and making people realize that Finance is not that complicated to understand. 


A little Financial Literacy will go a long way. 


The second episode is about investment :-) follow us on youtube and rate us ! thanks.


NEW Episode 3 Profit defined by public 
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