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Bumili ka nga ng UTAK! (Buy a BRAIN!)

Bumili ka nga ng UTAK! (Buy a BRAIN!)

This is usually what you can hear from stressed drivers all around Metro Manila shouting at fellow drivers that doesn’t seem to follow or know traffic courtesy on the streets.


Studies conducted to show the cause of traffic in Metro Manila, stated that “According to the researchers' interviewees, traffic is caused by undisciplined jeepney, bus and taxi drivers that stop in the middle of the road to take in passengers”, but is this the only problems?

According to the Data collected by the Department of Transportation and Communication (2012-2013):

13 million - Total driver's licenses issued

7,463,393 - Total motor vehicles registered

270,000km - Total length of roads nationwide



1. The traffic in Metro Manila works like a loop, starting with traffic, ending with more traffic. The starting point of the loop is the natural traffic caused by overpopulation, and if we try to escape this by violating the rules, what we don’t know is that we actually cause more traffic. The violator is the only one the benefits, unless he is caught or his actions cause an accident.

2. The problem is on us, but the solution lies in us. Violating road rules in Metro Manila seems very ordinary. It happens often and the violators don’t seem to learn. We are the ones affected by the traffic, but unless we do something about it, nothing will change. We should educate ourselves to follow the rules and regulations, that there would be no chaos in the streets.

Many say that Metro Manila has more cars than roads they can travel on. This is one of the theories being looked at when it comes to the traffic situation in the metro. Also, there is no law in the Philippines that bans old, worn out cars (that might be older than your lolo) that most likely isn’t road worthy anymore and might break down on the streets causing congestions.


Aside from drivers, one great factor that also contributes to traffic jams are the undisciplined commuters that are not responsible enough to wait in designated waiting sheds to wait for their ride, instead go on the streets and hope that there is an undisciplined bus, jeepney, or taxi driver to stop and give him a ride. It’s a cycle.

DISCIPLINE. The only thing we need to lessen our burden with everyday traffic jams is just to follow rules, stick to them, and persuade others to do the same.



If no one will ride a bus, jeepney or taxi if it is not on its designated loading area, then they do not have any choice but to stop at the designated area to take passengers (keeping them away from stopping anywhere on the streets)



If you do not take in passengers if they are not on the designated loading and unloading area, then they will be forced to stay out of the street and wait in the proper places where they can get a ride.