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Who is MyFinancialCoach?


What is a Financial Broker?

A finance broker is a type of commercial broker that assists clients in evaluating their current financing needs and identifying the best way to meet those needs. This often involves investigating a wide range of lending opportunities and then assisting the customer in applying for and ultimately securing the best financing option available. A finance broker may specialize in a particular lending area such as mortgage loans or provide access to a wide range of different types of business finance options.



What we do

“Making it easier for you”

Given the time it takes to find the right bank or financial institutions to suit your borrowing needs, and the lengthy procedures not to mention bulk of paperwork one needs to provide to qualify, we made solutions that revolve around these areas.

Knowing the Financial Market in the Philippines, and considering the busy schedule a working class expat goes through, we make procedures and finding the right kind of loans and rates easier by finding the best solution to whatever financial needs one looks for.

Having expat and local partners in the Philippines broadens our perspectives in adjusting a needs-based services and becoming successful in giving out specific answers to specific questions.

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