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China Plotting Against the Philippines

Facts that point out how China is plotting against the Philippines


It’s not a secret that China is after some of the islands of the Philippines namely Spartly Island (near Palawan) and Scarborough Shoal (near Zambales) but how far will they go to get it from us?

There are some facts that depict China is plotting a move against the Philippines in order to take our islands that is clearly inside our waters of responsibility according to the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS)

Fact #1 Refusing to go to the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea

China forbids the Philippines on going to the UNCLOS for help regarding the dispute and suggests the island be surrendered to them as it has been a territory of China depicted even in their history books or else says Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei, we (the Philippines) should prepare for “consequences” in a media briefing last March 17.

What we think

Why are they hesitant to ask the help of UNCLOS? Because it clearly states there (whether it’s in their history books or not) that the Scarborough and Spratly are inside Philippine territory. See UNCLOS map below.

Fact #2 Discouraging outside help

China repeatedly asked Korea not to sell FA-50 fighter jets to the Philippines. It was said Beijing made the request ahead of a summit in Seoul between President Park Geun-hye and Philippines President Benigno Aquino on Oct. 17 but Korea decline.

What we think

This is a lame effort to catch the Philippines unarmed against their naval and areal ships that patrol the Philippines’ islands. Purchasing these jets will make the us ready for any attacks, which they are unhappy about.


Fact #3 Training soldiers

Report are flowing in about a Leftist groups being funded by China. Although the Chinese are denying the allegations, there are official who say that the plot is not farfetched. This is why the Philippines is again turning to an old ally for help; the US.

What we think

Stop this childish whining about ousting the US troops, they’ve helped us before (WW2) and if these threats from China are about to turn violent, we will need their help once more.


Fact #4 Making us seem like the bad guys

Making us look like thieves in OUR OWN waters : We will never tolerate the Philippines illegal occupation of Ren'ai reef (Ayungin Shoal, Spratly Island)”, says Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei. "China is on high alert for the Philippines possibly taking more provocative acts in the South China Sea. The Philippines must accept responsibility for the consequences of what will happen," he added.


What we think

No disrespect intended but, What kind of chemicals did this man take to make him think that we are stealing from their territory when its clearly OUR waters he’s referring to?!  And we have to bear the consequences? Its called a map Mr. Hong, look it up.


Additional insights

Can the Philippines afford to purchase fleets to defend our country from invaders?

Aside from the 12 US$650 million FA-50 from Korea and the $60 Billion External debt of the Philippines, can we still cope? Would it be wise to borrow (again) to protect our country? Or would it be wise to pay off some of the debt we incurred over the decades with the money that will be used to buy these fleets?


Map of the Philippine Territory (Which China doesn't seem to understand)



Leftist Group bieng funded by China

China Terrorizes filipino ships and fishermen out of our own waters



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